First Aid Courses for Nursery Staff

Paediatric First Aid Course – 12 hours Book Open Venue

If you are a childminder or work within the Early Years Foundation stage, you are required to have a 12 hour paediatric first aid certificate.  We have trained childminders and carers of children with over 10 years experience in specialist paediatric first aid.  Courses are delivered over two Saturdays in a local venue or can be delivered in your setting including evenings and Saturdays to suit.

Our courses are interactive and present the most up-to-date information according to the UK Resuscitation Council and most importantly are fun!

Delivered at your site for £850 for up to 12 delegates.  Call 01883 330899 to book

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Introduction to Safeguarding Level 1  

This half-day course is a general introduction to the safeguarding and child protection of children specifically designed for anyone who comes into contact with children. This includes employees and volunteers.

This is a beginner course and you need no specific child protection skills. Covering legislation and guidance, completion of this course will enable you to develop the knowledge and the ability to understand the processes for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including those suffering, or at risk of suffering significant harm. 

Cost £55

Safeguarding Children & Child Protection Level 1 &2   

This one day course is for those who need to gain an advanced knowledge of Child Protection and those who wish to take a deeper look at child protection issues.

Aimed at those who work with children in a variety of settings, these may include schools, volunteers, health professionals, youth clubs, , community groups, dentists, family centres, PTA’s, governors, etc. The course aims to enhance awareness and encourage good practice. This includes those working towards becoming a Designated Person or Child Protection Officer, manager or policy writer.

An ideal course for those who have operational responsibility for receiving concerns about the safety and welfare of children and young people, who make decisions about what action needs to be taken, contacting and liaising with other agencies involved in safeguarding children, especially children's social care.

Cost £90


Babyproofing Service
Introduction to Safeguarding Level 1
Safeguarding Children & Child Protection Level 1 & 2
Paediatric First Aid Course - 2 days (12 hours)
New Baby First Aid Course - 4 hours
OCN Maternity Award Level 3

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