First Aid Courses for Nannies

Paediatric First Aid Course – 6 hour                                                                                                        01883 330899

This one day course is ideal for those who are applying to be OFSTED registered as a nanny and suitable for parents, au-pairs, babysitters and sports coaches.


  • Planning for first aid emergencies
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Recording accidents and incidents
  • Appropriate contents for a first aid kit
  • Resuscitation procedures appropriate to the age of children being cared for
At the end of the course all delegates receive a first aid certificate valid for 3 years. 


Intensive Paediatric First Aid Course (6 hours) London 

This 6 hour paediatric first aid course is suitable for Nannies, Aupairs and Parents. The first aid course covers all the necessary requirements for registration on the Ofsted Voluntary register. The course takes place on Sunday’s on a monthly basis in London. A sufficient command of the English language is needed to successfully pass this course.

(Please note: This course is not suitable for under 8′s childminders who need to do a 12 hour course). The course takes place on Sundays on a monthly basis and is delivered by our training partner BabyEM.

Family First Aid Course - 4 hours 

As a Nanny you still may have children and this course is designed for parents, grand-parenst, guardians and relatives to teach you the skills you need to cope with common medical emergencies within your household.

Young children who fall ill, or who have been injured often have very specific needs.  This course is designed not only to give parents the knowledge and practical skills to treat their young patient but also to develop the confidence in managing an emergency which will help to comfort an reassure the infant or child at a particularly stressful time.  The course covers first aid for infants, children and adults.

  • Infant, Child and Adult CPR
  • Choking and drowning
  • Wounds, bleeding and shock
  • Convulsions, seizures and croup
  • Meningitis, allergic reations
  • How to make an effective 999 call

New Baby First Aid Course – 4 hours

Taught by an experienced paediatric nurse, this course covers all the essential information you need as a parent, grandparent or maternity nurse in the case of an emergency.  The course can be presented locally or in your own home for up to 10 people.  It is ideal for NCT groups as we offer spousal discounts.


  • Safety in the home – including sleep safety
  • Infant Resuscitation and Basic Life Support
  • Airway problems including choking and drowning
  • Meningitis and febrile convulsions
  • First Aid treatment for burns, fractures and other common injuries

At the end of the course you will receive further course resources and most importantly peace of mind that you can act confidently and calmly in an emergency situation at home.

OCN Maternity Award Level 3

Enchanted are pleased to be offering the OCN Maternity Award Level 3 course.

This respected qualification provides those wanting to become Maternity Nurses or those already working with babies an opportunity to further their skills. The Postnatal Maternity Care Award provides a comprehensive overview of the Maternity Nurses role through addressing all aspects of mother and newborn baby care, as well as the practical support and guidance required within the family home environment. This course is accredited at level 3 through OCN.

The course is held over 2 days (weekends) at the training centre with 6 weeks research and home study to complete coursework (there are no exams!)

The cost is £455.

The Course content includes: Role & Responsibilities of a Maternity Nurse, Health & Care of Newborns, Infant Skin Problems (acne, eczema, etc.) Colic & Reflux, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Sleep in Newborns, infant soothing techniques, winding, Routines,Health & Care of Post Natal Mums, Breast Feeding – Positioning/Attachment, Expressing and Overcoming Difficulties, Gaining Newborn Experience, Meningitis, Becoming self employed, Contracts, Interviews & creating a winning CV, Finding employment as a Maternity Nurse, Working with Agencies.

The Courses  are held at weekends to accommodate those who cannot take time off from work or family during weekdays. 

Book and pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 to secure your place.  Email to request an invoice and an info pack.

OCN Breastfeeding Skills & Infant Nutrition

This highly respected accredited breastfeeding course is designed for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of breastfeeding and for those wanting to support women who are breastfeeding. The course is accredited at level 3 through OCN.

Course details: Positioning and attachment, Observing and assessing a breastfeed, Educating and supporting women, Milk supply, Refusal to feed and common problems, Teaching hand expression, Expressing, Returning to work, Alternative ways to feed a baby breast milk, Effects of medication when breastfeeding,Getting support—breastfeeding counsellors and lactation consultants Baby Friendly Initiative, weaning guide and allergies, nutrition of the breastfeeding mother(and effects of lactation and infant nutrition), childhood obesity.

Venue: Kensington, London

Cost: £160

Time: 10am – 5pm

We can offer the following courses for all those who wish to become Childcare Practitioners.

OCN Common Core Skills & Knowledge Course (Level 3) London/Guildford/Oxford Attendance Course 

In order to apply /register on the Ofsted Voluntary Register (VOCR), child carers need to be able to demonstrate that they have had training in the following six common core skills in childcare. This course is ideal for both experienced practitioners and those new to childcare. These topics are all covered on our 1 day CCS training course.
Course content:
  • Communicating with children, young people, their parents and carers
  • Child and young person development
  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the child
  • Supporting transitions
  • Multi-agency working
  • Sharing information
Duration: 1 Day 10:00 - 17.30

We offer a free CV consultancy service for candidates. This enables Nannies to demonstrate further learning to parents, further increasing their professional development.

The curriculum is developed by childcare specialists, and after delivering the training you will receive a Professional certificate as well as your accredited certificate from Open College Network.  This course is delivered in London by our training partners, BabyEm.  The certificate  you receive is suitable for registration on the Ofsted Voluntary Register.

Please note a sufficient command of the English language will be required to successfully complete this course.

Cost: £170 (including £30 registration fee for accreditation with OCN)

OCN Common Core Skills & Knowledge Course (Level 3) Distance Learning

This distance learning course covers the 6 common core skills & knowledge areas and is accredited through Open College Network (OCN) at Level 3 and carries 3 credits. (Level 2 option is also available).

This is the recommended course for Nannies wishing to register with Ofsted under the Voluntary Childcare Register.

The curriculum is developed by childcare specialists, and after delivering the training you will receive a Professional Nanny qualification certificate from Babyem as well as your accredited certificate from Open College Network.

Dates: Learners can enrol and start the course at anytime to suit them.

Cost: £140

Course Length: Students have 5 weeks to complete the course at home.

Learners are given 5 weeks to complete the course from the start of the course, and learners are expected to send the completed assessments back to us by email.  For those learners without email all materials can be posted for an additional £20 fee which will be invoiced separately if an online booking is made.

Baby Massage

The Enchanted baby massage courses provides a warm and relaxing introduction to the basics of developmental infant massage. Our baby massage training courses are suitable for parents and carers who are looking to learn a valuable skills for life. The benefits of baby massage are significant, impressive and undisputed and are widely endorsed by medical practitioners across the world.

The benefits of baby massage include: bonding, strengthens and regulates digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems; relieves symptoms of colic, gas and constipation; encourages restful sleep.

Courses are run on Sunday evenings from 5pm - 8pm

You will be continually assessed by a tutor throughout the course.

Cost £130 pp

Baby Signing

Become fully trained in using baby sign language in this three hour course.  Baby sign language is using simple signs and gestures to help pre-verbal children communicate before they are able to talk.  Using signs can alleviate a baby’s frustration and avoids the need for the baby to be totally dependent on crying or pointing to communicate their needs and wishes,  Signing also provides visual clues which support babies’ understanding of speech.

Aimed at those who work with babies, which may include nannies, childminders & au pairs, the course will contain the following: -

  • ·         Comprehensive training for Childcare Professionals (3 hours in total)
  • ·         TinyTalk Signing Pack, including 150 signs and 21 hints and tips
  • ·         Certificate of attendance
  • ·         Use of the TinyTalk logo for your advertising
  • ·         Communication policy documents with links to the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ Framework
  • ·         An information letter for the parents of the children in your care
  • ·         Assessment record sheets for the children with guidelines
Cost £55

Introduction to Safeguarding Level 1  

This half-day course is a general introduction to the safeguarding and child protection of children specifically designed for anyone who comes into contact with children. This includes employees and volunteers.

This is a beginner course and you need no specific child protection skills. Covering legislation and guidance, completion of this course will enable you to develop the knowledge and the ability to understand the processes for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including those suffering, or at risk of suffering significant harm. 

Cost £55

Safeguarding Children & Child Protection Level 1 &2   

This one day course is for those who need to gain an advanced knowledge of Child Protection and those who wish to take a deeper look at child protection issues.

Aimed at those who work with children in a variety of settings, these may include schools, volunteers, health professionals, youth clubs, , community groups, dentists, family centres, PTA’s, governors, etc. The course aims to enhance awareness and encourage good practice. This includes those working towards becoming a Designated Person or Child Protection Officer, manager or policy writer.

An ideal course for those who have operational responsibility for receiving concerns about the safety and welfare of children and young people, who make decisions about what action needs to be taken, contacting and liaising with other agencies involved in safeguarding children, especially children's social care.

Cost £90


Babyproofing Service
Intensive Paediatric First Aid Course (6 hour)
OCN Common Core Skills Training - Distance Learning from home
Baby Massage
Introduction to Safeguarding Level 1
Safeguarding Children & Child Protection Level 1 & 2
Baby Signing
OCN Care of Multiples
OCN Common Core Skills Course - Oxford attendance
OCN Common Core Skills Course - Guildford attendance
OCN Common Core Skills Training - London / Surrey Attendance
Paediatric First Aid Course - 1 day (6 hour)
Paediatric First Aid Course - 2 days (12 hours)
New Baby First Aid Course - 4 hours
OCN Maternity Award Level 3
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